Art + Science for the Anthropocene

 AS IF uses art + science to know nature. Together we learn, care, and act — to preserve the planet and our place in it.

The challenges of our future demand our whole selves — creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, collaborative work, individual courage. Acting as both scientists and artists, we observe with our senses, explore new territory, generate new tools and techniques, build on past work, and innovate.

Science communication is also urgent. The facts alone are not enough; we need art to help connect science with people, through compassion, awe, and humor. 

Explore this website to learn how I can advance your creative projects, scholarly work, and science engagement.

-Nancy Lowe

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. My sincerest thanks to Nancy and everyone in the High Cove community who made my stay at the Center so pleasant and productive! AS IF residents can expect inspiring conversations, contemplative walks in the woods, and creative bursts at the fireplace. I’m already looking forward to my next residency and can’t wait to see how the Center has developed since my stay in December 2017. Great things are ahead!


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