About me

In the studio/lab at AS IF Center

My peculiar joy is infusing the science world with art, and vice versa. For over two decades I have taught art-science interdisciplinary art-science collaborations, at colleges & universities, biological field stations, museums, and K-12 schools in the US and Costa Rica.  You can learn about some of the folks I have worked with on the Partners page. 

I make art with science themes, and I’m currently working in mixed media, fiber, and drawing & painting. I exhibit only minimally, but my artwork has been exhibited in galleries, museums, and public spaces in the US, Belgium, and the UK — you can see some of this work on my art website, nancylowe.studio. I have also catalyzed and curated several exhibits and performances with art-science themes, at universities, academic society meetings, museums, and other venues.

I worked for ten years as a research technician in several research labs focusing on pollination biology, microbial symbionts of insects, and large-scale ecology. For professional development, I have attended many conferences on art-science including Two Cultures Converging (SciArt Center, NY) and Science of Science Communication (National Academy of Sciences); and I read and collect peer-reviewed literature about art-science. I have a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Email me here. Follow me on Twitter  @nancyartscience and on Instagram @sciencecandance.
 — Nancy Lowe