Sea Ice and Emperor penguins:
A talk with photo+sphere resident Lynne Buchanan

Lynne on the Kapitan Khlebnikov

On November 2 at 6pm, please join AS IF Center at the Firefly Lodge at High Cove, 1215 Rebels Creek Road, Bakersville, NC, for a presentation by photographer Lynne Buchanan, who will share images of her recent trip to Antarctica. Lynne will be at AS IF Center for a week as the photo+sphere resident, working at the intersection of photography and environmental science.

Lynne says, For my trip to Snow Hill Island, I traveled on the Russian icebreaker the Kapitan Khlebnikov.  It was the first time since 2010 that ship or any ship had been to Snow Hill Island, where there is a large emperor penguin colony. The scientist on board said the Snow Hill Island colony had increased from 4,000 to 8,000 penguins, while in other locations their problem was dwindling. Those who had been on the ship before stated that the sea ice had diminished greatly since the last time they were there.  Emperor penguins are the only creatures to lay their eggs on ice, so dwindling sea ice is a problem for them.”

 Lynne will share her photographs of the emperor penguins and their chicks, some so small they still live on their parent’s feet.  Her slide show will also present images of multi-layered sea ice, as well as large tabular icebergs the size of city blocks that passed by the ship as the passengers were traveling.

Seating is limitedRSVP by Wednesday, October 31 to reserve your spot.