AS IF Center is a hybrid of a biological field station and an artists community. We hope you will be inspired by our location in a highly biodiverse region of the planet, under dark skies, amid sites of geological interest, in an idyllic and tranquil environment, in a community of hundreds of artists working in glass, clay, metals, wood, textiles, book arts, paper, printmaking, and other media. We hope you will be as inspired by the vastness of empty spaces as you are challenged by the limitations of working in a rural environment.

Art of the Climate:
AS IF Center’s art-science residencies will commence in spring 2018, with Art of the Climate, a special residency in association with the Asheville Collider’s Climate Con.  The deadline for applying to Art of the Climate is December 31, 2017.

AS IF Center’s general residency program:
Other residencies in 2018 will be from one to four weeks in length and will be available for up to three residents at a time. In this pilot year you can make your own schedule, any one to four weeks from March through October. Residencies are open to artists who wish to work in science, scientists who wish to work in the arts,  artist-scientists who work across those disciplines, and artist-scientist teams who wish to collaborate. Applications for our general residency program will be reviewed within one month of receiving them.

Lodging: Facilities are simple but comfortable. Residents will stay in either the High Cove Firefly Lodge or the Yellow House in a private room. The Yellow House room has a private bath; the Lodge rooms have a shared bath. You will share a living room, dining area, and fully equipped kitchen.  The Lodge has a dishwasher; the Yellow House does not. Linens are provided, and you will have access to a washer and dryer at no charge.  Both have free wifi. Well-behaved pets are generally welcome (Lodge only), with advance arrangement and a pet deposit of $50 ($40 refundable if there’s no damage.) Family members and significant others are welcome too (Lodge only). Please let us know on your application if you intend to bring family so we can ensure we have accommodations. Both the Firefly Lodge and Yellow House have good internet connections. Cell service is somewhat reliable but may be slightly better at the Lodge.

Meals: Meals are not provided. There is an Ingles grocery store 30 minutes away in Burnsville, and another Ingles the same distance in Spruce Pine. During most months of the year, there are several farmers markets that sell local produce, meat, dairy, and other items. There are several good restaurants in the area such as Knife and Fork, Snap Dragon,  and Blind Squirrel,.

Work space: You will have access to either or both the studio in the Yellow House or the work space in the garage. The Yellow House studio is an L-shaped room that is 9.5 x 16 feet in the main area and 11.5 x 7 feet in the side area. The garage is a large wood building with about 1,000 square feet of work space, concrete floor, high ceiling, and no heat or insulation. In summer it works best to open both large barn doors to allow ventilation; in spring and fall the temperatures are reasonable. The garage would be appropriate for messy work, and can also accommodate exhibits, installations, or small events, with preparation. See additional images of these spaces on the Facilities page.

Supplies: In the garage, you will have access to some science supplies – tubes, vials, petri dishes, and other glassware and plastic ware, gloves, insect collecting supplies, a wide collection of field guides, and miscellaneous items. In the Yellow House studio, you will have access to a work table, easels, various paints and papers, an assortment of miscellaneous beads, wire, thread, biological materials, materials for collage/ assemblage, and other sundries. If you have specific needs, we encourage you to bring what you will need or inquire ahead. To find out more about available supplies,  see our Facilities page.  Spruce Pine and Burnsville are small to medium sized towns with several hardware stores, banks, thrift and antique stores, several libraries, medical services including a small hospital,  etc. and can provide most services. For more about amenities in the area see our Place page.

Fees: Rates are $35 a night, $200 for a full week, or $350 for a full month. The two-week Art of the Climate residency offers lodging at no charge.

To apply, please fill out this AS IF Center – Application for Residency. Collaborators should each fill out a separate application, and name your collaborators in the space provided.

Financial assistance: A limited number of full and partial fee waivers are available to residents on the basis of need and availability of funds. Financial assistance decisions are made subsequently to and separately from the awarding of residencies. After you have been accepted to the residency program you may apply for financial aid by filling out this Application for Financial Assistance. Please note that fee-waived facilities do not accommodate pets or family members.

If you would like more information, please contact us.