Sourdough Collective – Rob Dunn Lab

About the Sourdough Collective: Rob Dunn’s lab at NC State University explores microbiomes of some of our most familiar places. What micro-organisms inhabit our belly buttons, or the shower head in our bath? The Dunn lab uses public participation in science research to answer questions. like these. The sourdough project studies sourdough starters from around the world, including some really ancient ones that have been passed down for generations. Postdoc Anne Madden says, “The sourdough microbial world is one of amazement and wonder, of families baking bread, and of human cultures.”

What the scientist(s) seek: An artist working in any media with an interest in microbiology, bread baking, making the invisible visible, and/or communicating complex science through art. Help us bring the awe and wonder of science–and the microbial world– to the world. The Sourdough Collective would especially appreciate the opportunity to work with artists from historically under-represented groups.

What art partners would do: AS IF Center will host a meeting of the Sourdough Collective in October 2018, and Rob and his team would really like to find an artist (or several!) to join us for brainstorming and creative play for the second part of their meeting, on Sunday, October 21.

Where this partnership might lead: A simple conversation and a fun afternoon, some interesting ideas that infuse your work, a possible joint project, even possible inclusion in grant proposals.

How to get the conversation started: Email Nancy at AS IF Center with a short description of your work, why you’re interested, with a link to your art website or a few attached samples of your work.