Scientists seeking art collaborators

Sourdough Collective — Rob Dunn Lab 



Candid Critters — NC Museum of Natural Sciences



If you are a scientist/ science communicator who would like to find an artist collaborator, email Nancy with the following info:

About: In a few sentences, describe your scientific work and a bit about the project you have in mind for collaboration on with an artist. Include a link to your website (or if you don’t have one, attach some published articles with the email.) If you have collaborated with artists in the past, include a quick summary of that.

What you seek: What kind of artistic partnership do you seek? What are your goals? Do you want to incorporate art into your experimental process, or do you want an artist to interpret your results and help you communicate? Do you have a preference for art medium?

What art partners would do: Would artists come to your lab? Work in the field with you? Interpret your published results based on conversations with you, maybe even work remotely? Want to collaborate with a artist at AS IF Center for a week-long art-science residency?

Where a partnership might lead: Would an artist embed in your lab as a resident artist? Would the artist respond to work you send them by email and possibly not even meet you in person? Do you have funding for the artist, or would you be willing to build in funding, for example as Broader Impacts on an NSF grant? It’s OK if you don’t know yet where this will go, but if you have something in mind, let us know.

Image: Attach (or include a link for) an image that you would like to accompany your description. This can be an image of model organisms, a figure from one of your publications, a picture of you in your lab or in the field, etc.