Lynne Buchanan

Blue Ridge Parkway Vertical Bog Sundews with Water Droplets

About Lynne: For the past six years, Lynne has been photographing water issues and climate change in Florida, across the country and around the world.  She has worked with waterkeepers, water advocates, scientists, and indigenous people in learning about issues affecting water and the riparian zone.  Cyanobacteria and other algae blooms were a big focus in Florida. She is publishing a book entitled Florida’s Changing Water: A Beautiful World in Peril.  While working on this project, she began participating with the University of Florida’s Biolink program as a community member and became interested in fungi.  Since moving to Western North Carolina a year ago, she has been photographing mountain ecosystems and has become interested in studying the effects of climate change and acid rain on the environment, as well as how fungi, trees, and plants help to ameliorate the effects of climate change.  Lynne is currently enrolled in the Blue Ridge Naturalist Certificate of Merit Program at the North Carolina Arboretum and is teaching photography there. She has participated in a Mountain True Citizen Science outing and is looking to work more in depth with science professionals in the area.

What Lynne Seeks: She is interested in working with botanists, ecologists, or biologists (graduate students or post doctoral candidates) studying the effects of climate change and acid rain on ecosystems and streams and rivers in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  

What Science Partners Would Do: Lynne would like to collaborate with a scientist at AS IF Center for a residency to explore the effects of climate change on ecosystems in the Blue Ridge.  As she lives in Asheville, she is also available to go on outings throughout the year to study ecosystems by recording flora and fauna in the area, documenting their health, and collecting samples when appropriate.  The partnership could be ongoing or a one-time residency, depending on the needs of the scientists involved.

Where a Partnership Might Lead: Lynne will make photographs that could be used in articles, exhibits, or even a future book project.  As a writer and a photographer, she envisions showing the photographs from the collaborative project with extended captions to educate viewers on the threats to mountain ecosystems and their resiliency.  She is interested in site installations containing photographs, scientific descriptions and visuals such as drawings or graphs that shed light on these systems, and multimedia work to create a 3-D experience.  She is also interested in book projects and articles. (Her photographs can be exhibited as archival pigment prints or one of a kind transfers.)

Samples of Lynne’s work can be seen at

How to get the conversation started: Email Nancy at AS IF Center with a short description of your work, why you are interested, links to your website if you have one, and any relevant articles.