Artists seeking science collaborators

Lynne Buchanan: Photographic artist seeks collaborator to work on riparian systems, effects of climate change & acid rain


Margaret LeJeune: Photographic artist seeks collaborator(s) to work with bioluminescent organisms.



If you are an artist with an interest in science and you’d like to find a collaborator, email Nancy with the following info:

About: In a few sentences, describe your artistic media and a bit about your process. Include a link to your website (or if you don’t have one, attach some work samples with the email.) This may include visual arts, creative writing, music, dance, installation, etc. If you have collaborated with scientists in the past, include a quick summary of that.

What you seek: What kind of scientific partnership do you seek? Do you have an interest in a specific kind of research? Do you have a preference for bench science, field work, citizen science projects? Does geographic location matter? Would you prefer a seasoned PI as a partner, or would you rather work with a graduate student or postdoc?

What science partners would do: Want to borrow some specimens to draw, or culture something in your studio? Want to collaborate with a scientist at AS IF Center for a week-long art-science residency?

Where a partnership might lead: Do you want to embed in a lab as a resident artist? Just have a quick meeting or two to learn more about someone’s data? Do you envision that this project might lead to an art exhibit or performance? It’s OK if you don’t know yet where this will go, but if you have something in mind, let us know.

Image: Attach (or include a link for) an image that you would like to accompany your description.