Brighter Impacts Consulting

A service provided by AS IF Center Director Nancy Lowe

Cross-pollination of art and science is trending. “STEAM” is rising. But what does art-science mean, what is it good for, and how does one go about it? 

I can help you make sense of art-science and guide you in developing a meaningful collaborations. I have over 20 years of experience catalyzing partnerships between artists and scientists, translating across disciplines, managing projects, grant writing and reporting, using social media, leading workshops, and giving presentations. My work is informed by experience as both an artist and a scientist, a wide network of connections with artists and scientists, and thoughtful engagement in the rapidly growing art-science world. I have worked primarily in nonprofits and higher education, and have developed and implemented projects with museums, nature centers, public lands, K-12 schools, professional organizations, biological field stations, and artists communities. Visit my LinkedIn profile, and follow me on Twitter @nancyartscience where I frequently share #artscience du jour. Contact me to find out how Brighter Impacts Consulting can help you advance your art-science goals.

What Brighter Impacts Consulting can do for you:

  • SCIENTISTS: Want to connect with an artist who can communicate your work and make it enticing to the public? I will connect you to an artist collaborator and ensure there is a balance between the artist’s creative voice and your need for accuracy.
  • NSF GRANT PIs: Looking for a Broader Impacts project that stands out and helps you engage with the public in meaningful ways? I will design an innovative and relevant art-science project for your grant, craft a strong BI statement, manage your BI project, and handle reporting on the BI aspects of your grant.FIELD STATIONS & MARINE LABS: Want to create outreach with impact? I will help you develop artist-in-residence programs, writer’s retreats, and other art-science activities for your FS/ML. Bring your research to the public — and the public to your research — in fresh, engaging ways.
  • SCIENCE MUSEUMS NATURE CENTERS: Need something fresh to wow your audiences? Having trouble communicating difficult or controversial science concepts? I can connect you with artists to design innovative educational experiences for your visitors.
  • ARTISTS: Interested in learning more about a particular scientific discipline or practice? I will help you find a science partner or embed in a lab or science institution as an artist in residence, even if the science institution doesn’t yet have an arts residency program. Scientists and science organizations may have funding for art projects that are relevant to their mission — let me help you tap into those resources.
  • ARTIST RESIDENCIES & OTHER ARTS ORGANIZATIONS: Interested in finding out how your artists can use your facility to partner with scientists? I can advise you about ways to get started with science on your site, or grow your current art-science projects to the next level.
  • COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES: Would you like to build meaningful cross-disciplinary connections between faculty the arts and the sciences? Want to develop interdisciplinary courses and programs? I can help you facilitate an art-science retreat, help you develop programming, and strengthen connections across disciplines.

Services provided:

  • PARTNERSHIP BUILDING & PROJECT DESIGN: I connect artists and scientists with common goals, then help the partners design a project. Together we will develop timelines, budgets, funding options, outreach, and replication and dissemination of your project.
  • GRANT WRITING & REPORTING: I will help you identify potential grant funders for your art-science project, communicate with program officers, write grants, and report on results of your funded project.
  • ART-SCIENCE CONVENINGS & WORKSHOPS: Feel like you’re in a foreign country when you collaborate across disciplines? In a two-day Cross-Pollination Workshop, I will demystify the goals, processes, language, and culture of each discipline and help you develop ways of working together. The goal is to build a balanced partnership of mutual understanding, respecting both the artist’s creative voice and the scientist’s need for accuracy. Meetings take place at AS IF Center, or if you prefer, I will select appropriate locations convenient to your group, and help you arrange your lodging and other logistics.
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Once we have secured funding for your art-science partnership project, I can serve as project manager to keep activities on track, anticipate common areas of miscommunication, and ensure the project is meeting everyone’s goals.

Contact me to find out more.