Upcoming Events

Walk through Time

November 29 (day after Thanksgiving), 1pm-4pm 
AS IF Center — directions here
Followed by pot luck dessert

How old is the earth? How deep is time? When we read about the era of the dinosaurs or the Big Bang, it’s hard to comprehend how long ago those events took place. Those are big numbers! How do we put them into perspective with human history?

At this event, we will walk a mile and a half round trip along a country road, and use distance as a proxy for time. We will “walk to” the time when the solar system formed, then walk through the geological eras — the emergence of life forms, extinction events, and other key moments in history. Along the way, we’ll pause to reflect the events of each era, and what history can tell us about the present — and the future. What you will learn will surprise you!

When we return to AS IF Center (and the present day) we’ll enjoy a pot luck  dessert (BYO leftovers). After walking through 4.5 billion years or so… you deserve some pie.

Contact me to RSVP by email.

String Theory | Art + Science + Fiber

May 22-25, 2020
AS IF Center
Bakersville, NC

Save the date: watch this space for more info.

String Theory will be a weekend event for artists and scientists interested in exploring connections between art and science and fiber. We will experiment with:

  • Observing fiber through microscopes
  • Responsible collection of specimens, museum practices (e.g.  management of herbarium and insect collections) and their use in fiber art
  • Plant identification walks, nature journaling
  • Firefly outing
  • Moth party
  • Ecoprinting
  • Natural dyes
  • Math of crochet, knitting, stitching, weaving, knotting, netting
  • Using fiber to translate data and communicate science narratives
  • Other fun stuff