Upcoming Events

Likin’ Lichens

January 5, 2020 1-3pm
High Cove Firefly Lodge
Bakersville, NC

Lichens are an odd bunch. A symbiosis between an algal partner and two different fungal partners, they grow slowly, unobtrusively, on the surface of bark, rocks, soil, and other surfaces. In the depth of winter, when opportunities for botany are sparse, they provide botanists with something interesting to do (besides sit indoors and catch up on ID’ing last summer’s photographs!) They invite us to slow down and take a closer look at their beautiful structures.

Lichens grow best where the air is clean, so come on up to AS IF Center for a lichen hike! The hike will be moderate, about a mile loop, with some elevation gain — but we’ll take it slow. We’ll ID a few and learn from each other. If you bring a camera, you might want to stop to take photos of these beauties. After the hike, we’ll enjoy hot tea in front of a roaring fire at the Firefly Lodge, browse lichen books, and share what we learned.

At High Cove — RSVP for meetup location and directions.

Winter Botany

February 15, 2020, 1-3pm
AS IF Center
Bakersville, NC

Red Oak has striped pajamas. Beech buds are shiny cigars. Black birch smells like wintergreen when you scratch and sniff. The dead of winter isn’t dead at all — millions of tiny apical meristems are growing and forming, folded up neatly in their little buds. It’s a time when we have to look a little bit closer, but the trees still give us lots of clues about who they are. Want to find out more about the wonders of winter botany?

We’ll hike about an hour on trails at AS IF Center — at High Cove in Mitchell County. Using the Winter Botany guide by William Trelease, we’ll identify trees and shrubs using winter clues — bark, buds, and leaf scars. We may also find seed pods leftover from last summer’s wildflowers, like puttyroot, sweet cicely, and burdock.

After our hike, we’ll have tea at AS IF Center and share what we found. Rain/ snow date Sunday, February 16.

At High Cove — RSVP for meetup location and directions.

String Theory | Art + Science + Fiber

May 22-25, 2020
AS IF Center
Bakersville, NC

Save the date: watch this space for more info.

String Theory will be a weekend event for artists and scientists interested in exploring connections between art and science and fiber. We will experiment with:

  • Observing fiber through microscopes
  • Responsible collection of specimens, museum practices (e.g.  management of herbarium and insect collections) and their use in fiber art
  • Plant identification walks, nature journaling
  • Firefly outing
  • Moth party
  • Ecoprinting
  • Natural dyes
  • Math of crochet, knitting, stitching, weaving, knotting, netting
  • Using fiber to translate data and communicate science narratives
  • Other fun stuff

Contact me to for lodging information and to register for the workshop.