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Facilities are simple but comfortable. Residents and other visitors may stay in a private room in the Yellow House (managed by AS IF Center), a private room  or semi-private loft in Firefly Lodge, or at a camping site (managed by High Cove). Community members often provide overflow housing when the Lodge and Yellow House are full.

The Yellow House room has a private bath; the Lodge rooms and loft have a shared bath. In both facilities, you will share a living room, dining area, and fully equipped kitchen. The Lodge has a dishwasher; the Yellow House does not. Both the Firefly Lodge and Yellow House have good internet connection. Cell service is somewhat reliable but may be slightly better at the Lodge — Verizon seems to work best. AS IF visitors at both spaces will have access to a washer and dryer at the Yellow House, at no charge. Linens are provided.

Well-behaved pets are generally welcome (Lodge only), with advance arrangement and a pet deposit of $50 ($40 refundable if there’s no damage.) Family members and significant others are welcome too (Lodge only). Please let us know on your application if you intend to bring family or pets so we can ensure we have accommodations.

Please note: The Firefly Lodge is a community gathering place, and High Cove community residents may use it between 10 am and 4pm. Expect some unannounced daytime interruptions while staying there. The Lodge caretaker may be on site during the day, including using kitchen and bath, and is usually available for questions. Community events such as potluck, happy hour, or cinema night are occasionally held in the evenings. These are open to Lodge guests and offer an opportunity to participate in the community. For an additional fee, you can rent the entire Lodge and have exclusive use.

Lodging rates:

We offer affordable short term and longer term lodging options for residencies and visitors.  For lodging rates, download our AS IF Center Lodging Rates,  which are good through December 31, 2018. You can pay by check or PayPal upon your arrival.

The Firefly Lodge requires a 1-night deposit for rentals of 3-6 nights,  and a 2-night deposit for rentals of a week or longer. The deposit is fully-refundable with cancellation at least 30 days prior to date of reservation; otherwise, the deposit is non-refundable.

Financial assistance: 
If you need financial assistance, we can make accommodations for free lodging at the Yellow House in exchange for two hours per day of work. This work may include housekeeping, gardening, organizing of supplies, social media and other publicity, grant writing, or other essential tasks. Please note that fee-waived residencies are at the Yellow House only, and do not accommodate pets or family members. If you are interested in a work exchange, please contact us a month in advance of your visit.

Overflow lodging:
For larger groups, or when the Lodge and Yellow House are full, there are several rooms available for rent through community members who support AS IF Center programs. These facilities are walking distance from the Lodge, available at comparable rates, and are booked and paid through the community members themselves – we will put you in touch with hosts. Some of these neighboring households have friendly cats, so please let us know if you have allergies to pet dander. When staying at overflow housing, you will have access to kitchen and living space in either the Lodge or the Yellow House.






Work spaces:

The following work spaces are available to AS IF Center residents and visitors at no charge, subject to availability.

The Yellow House studio is an L-shaped room that is 16 x 9.5 feet in the main area and 11.5 x 7 feet in the side area. This is a comfortable, conditioned space with north light and a 5 foot long work table. Some shelf space will be available for your projects. Wall space is limited — there are some half-walls to pin your work, but there are no large walls in the YH studio.

The Yellow House garage is a large wood building with about 1,000 square feet of work space, concrete floor, and high ceiling. The garage has no heat or insulation. In summer it works best to open both large barn doors to allow ventilation; in spring and fall the temperatures are reasonable. The garage is appropriate for messy work, and for larger work that requires a lot of wall space. With advance notice the garage can also accommodate exhibits, installations, or events of 40-50 people.

When you schedule a residency or other event, please specify if you need to use one of these work spaces.

Studio space nearby:

Burnt Mountain Pottery has a studio next door to AS IF Center — if you wish to use their ceramic studio and kiln, contact us and let us know what you have in mind — we’ll put you in touch with them. Darkroom space, photography workspace, printers, and other equipment are available 36 miles away (about 45 minutes drive) through Makers Circle — contact Makers Circle to make arrangements.

Event spaces:

For events such as symposia, workshops, meetings, film screenings, literature readings, concerts, and powerpoint presentations, the Lodge and its porch can be rented out for a small fee. Through a partnership with Toe River Arts, we may also be able to arrange for artists to use the Arts Resource Center, a larger event space in Spruce Pine. Please allow several months advance notice to book events for ten or more. Contact us for more information about scheduling events.


Art-science residents will have access to a 96x dissecting microscope, herbarium presses, 10x loupes, insect sorting sieves, collecting vials, Ziploc and WhirlPak bags, forceps, ethanol, tubes, vials, petri dishes, and other glassware and plastic ware, Nitrile gloves, a Malaise trap, insect nets and other insect collecting supplies, a camera trap, a wide collection of field guides, and miscellaneous items.  You will also have access to a large 82″ easel, a small French easel for plein air, various paints and papers, brushes, pens and ink, graphite and colored pencils, an assortment of beads, wire, an assortment of yarns and threads, beeswax, biological materials such as bone, feathers, snakeskin, insects, seeds and other plant parts, materials for collage/ assemblage, and other sundries. If you have specific needs, we encourage you to bring what you will need or inquire ahead.


We encourage you to use the land for your art and science projects. If you intend to engage in activity that will impact the land (anything more than just hiking or dipping your toes in the creek), please fill out permit applications for research, art installations, and other activities on the Land Use Permits page.  It will be best to fill these out a month before your visit so that you have permission waiting for you upon arrival. Tell us what YOU imagine, and we will work to make it happen.

Get yourself situated and hang out with us for a while.

Read on to learn more about our events and residencies. Hope you can join us.

Contact  us to get information or to book lodging, apply for a residency, inquire about teaching workshops, or to schedule other activity.