Why a center

IMG_7121We envision AS IF to be a hybrid between a biological field station and an artists community.

At field stations,  scientists who work in the field come together and share ideas. Even when we aren’t working on the same projects, we scientists in these shared settings discover common ground and new ideas. The time in between formal work is a rich territory for serendipity and collaboration. Many a dissertation or peer-reviewed article has been born over dinner, over beer, or over a walk in the woods.

IMG_6701The same is true for artists. When artists work in a setting where we can interact casually in between studio sessions, we too find parallels. We share struggles,  inspiration, connections, and resources.  Sometimes this leads to a rich conversation, a new friendship, or even a new way of working together.

Our vision is that when artists and scientists can work in the same community for a short, focused period of time, we will inspire each other and find new areas of common ground.  We also hope to catalyze projects in which artists and scientists collaborate. And of course, there is a growing population of hybrid artists-scientists who work across boundaries. If any of that describes you, or even intrigues you, we hope you will find yourself here at AS IF Center – leading a workshop or joining one, enjoying an event, doing a residency, setting up a field study, or just visiting. We invite you to find out more about what’s here.

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Synergy happens.