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We offer affordable lodging options for a short term stay or longer term stay:

  • High Cove Firefly Lodge
    • Room: $35
    • Loft: $10/ night, one-time cleaning fee $10
    • Apartment:
      • $50/ night
      • $250/ week
      • $550/ month
  • Yellow House
    • Room: $35

Both the Firefly Lodge and Yellow House have good internet connections. Cell service is somewhat reliable but may be slightly better at the Lodge.

When staying at High Cove for an AS IF event, activity, or art+science residency, you may  work in the Yellow House studio (about 225 sq ft indoor space with strong north light, year round), and in summer you may use the Yellow House shed as an open work space (about 1000 sq ft unconditioned).

For working in art media, you will have access to a modest amount of art supplies (large 82″ easel and small French easel for plein air, random selection of papers, paints, brushes, textile and bead supplies, and collected natural materials such as mica, bone, and seeds). Penland School art supply store is a gorgeous 15 minute drive (go, even if you don’t need to). An hour away, Asheville offers great selection and reasonable prices at Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff, natural dyes, woodworking supplies, and all kinds of neat stuff at Earth Guild, beads and supplies at Chevron Trading Company, textile supplies at House of Fabrics, book art supplies at Asheville Book Works, and lots of other treasures. There are also options nearby for sharing resources with artists who work in glass, ceramics, metal, wood, textiles, printmaking, photography, and other media – just ask ahead of time and we’ll hook you up.

For scientific work, you will have access to a small collection of science tools (dissecting microscope, herbarium presses, 10x loupes, insect collecting vials, Ziploc or WhirlPak bags, forceps, ethanol, glassware). The Compleat Naturalist is in Asheville and has a pretty good variety of tools for entomology, botany, geology, and general study of natural history.  If you need a fume hood, autoclave, freezer space, incubator, or other science lab facilities, let us know and we can help you make arrangements with a nearby lab. If you would like to collect specimens from our site, set up long-term ecological research here, or otherwise leave permanent experiments in the landscape, you can apply for a science permit. Tell us what YOU imagine, and we will work to make it happen.

You may work in privacy or enjoy the company of the interesting, creative folks who live here, but we will ask that at the end of your stay, you share your work in some way with our community. If you wish, you can take part in some of our pot lucks with great local food, intelligent conversation, and a relaxed atmosphere. Read on to learn more about our events and residencies. Hope you can join us.

Email us to get information or to book lodging.