Local hiking trails

Hiking trails are ubiquitous in our area. While working at AS IF Center, you can explore several miles of trails at neighboring High Cove community. For longer adventures, the area boasts many high elevation trails, waterfalls, and areas with rare or endemic plants. There are trails that take you to beautiful vistas and some that take you through rich coves. There are (relatively) flatter trails, and those that are more challenging. Here are a few favorites:

Black Mountains Crest Trail

Longer Hikes – (make them as long or as short as you’d like)

Black Mountains Crest Trail

Trails at Mt. Mitchell State Park

Trails at Roan Mountain (including Appalachian Trail)

Trails at Linville Gorge Wilderness Area

Trails at Black Mountains and South Toe River Area (Celo)

Trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park – Trails in the Greenbrier/ Cosby and Balsam Mt. / Big Creek / Cataloochee areas are about 2 hours away – good for a day trip.

Short Waterfall Hikes

Crabtree Falls (access Blue Ridge Parkway from Spruce Pine)

Linville Falls – Erwins’ View

Columbine in “The Saddle” at High Cove’s Crest Trail

For more information about local hikes, visit the Hiking WNC website. Looking for something specific? Contact me and I’ll put you in touch with a naturalist, hiking guide, or land manager.