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I’ve been enjoying the delightfully cerebral articles I find in the science journal, “Nautilus.” This sample article on the topic of Why Nature Prefers Hexagons is exemplary of this journal’s artful appeal to the senses and cultural relevance, and with firm roots in science.

Venus' Flower Basket, Dmitri Grigoriev, Shutterstock

Venus’ Flower Basket, porous skeleton of a sponge.  Photo: Dmitri Grigoriev, Shutterstock, the website of this sumptuous art-sci magazine, was originally funded by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation. The website offers its articles online for free (seven free articles per month), but for full access, also offers subscriptions for both hard copy and online versions. There is also a store for its delightful science-inspired visual art offerings.

To explore a bit of background on science journalism over the past few decades, check out this NYT article. Nautilus quarterly issues are organized around particular topics, such as “Boundaries,” “Adaptation,” “Attraction,” “Space,” “Stress,” “Identity,” “Scaling”…

Some sample article titles, for further enticement:

Why It’s Hard for Black Holes to Get Together

Why We Swim in Quarries

Describing People as Particles Isn’t Always a Bad Idea

Dive in, enjoy, and tell me what you think.