We begin.

Sunrise from the Yellow House porch

Sunrise from the Yellow House porch

This is not really the beginning, it’s a continuation of many art + science collaborations, some that have grown over many years and some that lasted only a few days… with many artists, scientists, visionaries, educators, explorers, innovators, crazy people, scholars, children, neighbors, ancestors. It’s just that now, we have a PLACE.

We are glad you are here in our virtual place. We hope that you will find inspiration in these pages, but above all, that you will come to this physical place, the AS IF Center, and help shape a think-and-do community of art-science creativity, play, scholarship, and exploration that will grow for generations.

Let us know what you think! Email us with feedback. Write with questions, comments, constructive criticism, suggestions for events and workshops, contact info for art-sci people we should know.

Hope to see you soon! Come have coffee with us on the Yellow House porch, watch the sun rise, and begin your day of art + science inspiration.